Awaken Your Intuition: “A Journey to Reclaim Personal Power."

A retreat tailored made for women seeking to unlock their potential as intuitive healers and medicine women.

This is a full immersive experience in the jungle to discover, awaken, explore and recognize your gifts as a healer entering into sacred communion with mother earth and the magic she offers us.

Ritual, ceremony, ancient tools, art, embodiment practices, yoga, journaling and more...

What you can expect:

Awaken Your Intuition: “A Journey to Reclaim Personal Power."

Intuition Reignited: Learn the art of awakening a heightened sense of intuition that empowers decision-making and fosters a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.

Energetic Mastery: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your energy system, harness and direct your energy for increased vitality, balance, and a harmonious life.

Nature's Blueprint: Explore the profound forces of nature through an in-depth understanding of the five elements, allowing you to align with the natural rhythms of the universe and find balance in your daily existence.

Spiritual Guidance: Connect with guides and power animals, establishing a relationship with spiritual allies that offer support, insight, and guidance on your life's journey.

Lunar Wisdom: Delve into the cycles of the moon, tapping into lunar energy for heightened awareness, manifestation, and a deeper connection to this eternal tapestry of light.

Dream Exploration: Uncover the mysteries of your subconscious through dreamwork, gaining valuable insights into your hidden desires, fears, and untapped potential.

Sacred Sexuality: Explore the sacred and transformative nature of your sexuality, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and your partner while embracing the spiritual dimensions of intimacy.

Ancient Wisdom: Experience the transformative power of energy healing methods from ancient traditions, oracle readings, meditation, creativity, and other intuitive tools, integrating timeless practices into your modern life.

This journey has been meticulously curated to help you awaken the magic within, providing practical tools and insights to unlock your innate gifts. Join us and embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and the realization of your true potential.

Retreat Schedule

All meals included

Wednesday, January 17th

  • Check in to rooms
  • Lunch, Rest
  • Initiation Opening Circle

Thursday, January 18th

  • Morning Practice
  • The Awakening of the medicine woman
  • Initiation ceremony. (Prayers to the earth)
  • Purifying our vessel, Clearing Blockages
  • Working with our energy system.

Friday , January 19th

  • Morning Practice
  • The Magic of the 5 Elements (Practical Tools)
  • Garden Walk
  • Flower Mandalas & Altar Creations
  • Ritual & Ceremony (Song Circle & Voice Activation)

Retreat Schedule

All meals included

Saturday , January 20th

  • Morning Practice
  • Blossom with the moon cycles and flow with the rhythms of life. (Journaling Prompts)
  • Calling in the goddesses (Mantra & Japa Initiation)
  • Embodiment Practices

Sunday, January 21st

  • Pleasure as a source of creation
  • Working with our creatrix
  • Movement & embodiment
  • Cacao Ceremony (Working with plant allies)

Monday, January 22nd

  • Morning practice
  • Closing Circle
  • Departure day


Susana Cortes

Artistic expression is my biggest passion, to play in infinite ways, to be a clear vessel for creativity to run through me. Art, poetry, music & movement are my prayers and offerings to the earth. It is my biggest pleasure to birth worlds from the cosmic source of infinite potential and bring beauty, healing & magic to the world.

My mission: To weave the most beautiful reality into the fabric of existence.


Fernanda Paniagua

I am a sound and energy healer, musician and conscious communication coach from Costa Rica.

I accompany my clients to find deeper healing, meaning, and heart-connection through sound, energy clearing and communication skills that allow them to fully integrate the healing work into their everyday life.

The experiences that I offer have been described as “heart nurturing” and “grounding”.

I guide beautifully relaxing, intentional soundbaths using singing bowls, percussion, vocals, bells and other sounds that transport the listener into their inner world.

My mission is to help guide people back to themselves, to connect with their personal power through sound, energy and intuitive healing.


The Tiki Ten Single

The Tiki Ten Shared

Garden Cabin Single

Garden Cabin Shared

Ocean View Cabin Shared

Ocean View Cabin Single







All of the activities, ceremonies and meals above are included in the listed package prices, as well accommodations for the entire weekend.

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